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Why are assistive listening systems needed?
Why are hearing loops the preferred assistive listening system?
What hearing aids can receive loop broadcasts?

What do loop systems cost? Who sells and installs them?

What are common concerns and FAQs?

Do you have a sound demonstration?

Churches and cathedrals
Theaters, courts, and
Transient venues: Drive through stations,
ticket windows
Airports, train stations
Home TV rooms
Future venues: Offices, cars, phone enhancements





  HearingLoop.org is a nonprofit informational website created and maintained by Hope College psychology professor David G. Myers and his assistant Kathryn Brownson. Myers is a hard of hearing person, the son of a hard of hearing mother who became completely deaf in her later life, and the author of a memoir of his experiences with hearing loss and hearing technologies (A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss, Yale University Press, 2000). Royalties from A Quiet World are assigned to a family foundation which, among other things, supports hearing assistance initiatives, including this web site. (David Myers has no financial interest, and never will, in any hearing assistance company. He is a well-wisher to all companies that enable hearing aid compatible assistive listening.) Myers' other books include The Pursuit of Happiness and Intuition: Its Powers and Perils. He is married to Carol, the creator and host of an informational website devoted to the real Santa Claus, St. Nicholas (aka Saint Nicholas).

This web site was designed by The Image Group and is hosted by a place called Hope--Hope College in Holland, Michigan. With its major college, church, and public venues all looped, Holland is a model community in serving the needs of people with hearing loss.