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Why are hearing loops needed?
Why are hearing loops the preferred assistive listening system?
What hearing aids can receive loop broadcasts?

What do loop systems cost? Who sells and installs them?

Do you have a sound demonstration?

Churches and cathedrals
Theaters, courts, and
Drive through stations,
ticket windows
Transient venues: Airports, train stations
Home TV rooms
Future venues: Offices, cars, phone enhancements





Sample bulletin announcement about the loop system:

Hearing assistance. For the hard of hearing, X Church offers a loop system. Hearing aid wearers with a “T” (telecoil) setting can now hear the service broadcast directly through their hearing aids. Others desiring hearing assistance may check out a portable receiver and headset. For more information about loop systems, including home TV room applications, visit www.hearingloop.org.

Alternatively, the hearing loop logo, with its explanation, can be integrated into the bulletin cover:


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