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Why are hearing loops needed?
Why are hearing loops the preferred assistive listening system?
What hearing aids can receive loop broadcasts?

What do loop systems cost? Who sells and installs them?

Do you have a sound demonstration?

Churches and cathedrals
Theaters, courts, and
Drive through stations,
ticket windows
Transient venues: Airports, train stations
Home TV rooms
Future venues: Offices, cars, phone enhancements







Michigan Loop Systems
Grand Rapids Area

These institutions are supporting people with hearing loss by broadcasting sound directly to hearing aids

Aberdeen Reformed
Ada Congregational
Ahavas Israel
Aldersgate United Methodist
Alger Park Christian Reformed
Baldwin St. CRC (Jenison)
Beckwith Hills Christian Reformed
Bethany United Reformed
Bethel United Reformed (Jenison)
Blessed Sacrament Parish
Borculo Christian Reformed
Boston Square Christian Reformed
Bostwick Lake Cong. (Rockford)
Brookside Christian Reformed
Byron Center First Christian Ref.
Caledonia Christian Reformed
Calvary Baptist
Calvary Church (Full sanctuary & chapel)
Calvary Christian Ref. (Wyoming)
Calvin Christian Reformed
Cascade Fellowship Christian Ref.
Cedar Springs United Methodist
Central Reformed
Chapel at Marywood
Congregation Ahavas Israel
Coopersville Christian Reformed
Cornerstone United Ref. (Hudsonville)
Cottonwood Heights CRC
Covenant Comm. (Hudsonville)
Crystal Creek Community (Grandville)
Courtland Oakfield UMC (Rockford)
East Congregational
East Leonard Christian Reformed
Eastern Avenue CRC
Eastmanville United Ref.
Fairway Christian Ref. (Jenison)
Faith Lutheran (Sidney)
Fellowship Reformed
Fifth Reformed
First Christian Reformed
First Congregational
First Congregation (Greenville)
First Congregational of Rockford
First Evanglical
First Presbyterian
First Protestant
First Ref. of Byron Center
First United Methodist
First United Methodist (Greenville)
Forest Grove Ref. (Hudsonville)
Forest Hill Presbyterian
Forest Hills Bible Chapel
Fountain Street Church
Free Reformed
Friendship Bible (Hopkins)
Friendship Christian Ref. (Byron Center)
Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed
Georgetown Christian Ref. (Hud.)
Georgetown United Meth. (Hud.)
Grace Bible Church (Grandville)
Grace Christian Reformed
Grace Community (Hudsonville)
Grace Episcopal (East G. R.)
Grace Life Bible
Grace Protestant Reformed
Grace United Reformed (Alto)
Grandville Protestant Reformed
Gun Lake Community (Gun Lake)
Ideal Park Christian Reformed
Hanley Christian Reformed
Heritage Reformed (Hudsonville)
Highland Hills Baptist
Hillcrest CRC
Hillside Community
Holy Cross Lutheran (Jenison)
Holy Spirit Catholic
Holy Trinity (Comstock Park)
Hope Christian Ref. (Grandville)
Hudsonville Cong. UCC (Hud.)
Hudsonville Reformed (Hud.)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Immanuel Christian Ref.
Immanuel Lutheran
Ivanrest Christian Ref. (Grandville)
Jenison Christian Reformed
LaGrave Ave. Christian Ref.
Lakeside Community (Alto)
Madison Square Church
Maranatha Bible (Comstock Park)
Marywood Chapel of the Word
Mayfair Christian Reformed
Mayflower Congregational
Neland Avenue Christian Ref.
Neland Ave. CRC--Activity Center
New Community
New Hope Lutheran (Hudsonville)
New Life Baptist Fellowship
Northwest Gospel Hall
North Park Baptist Church
Oakdale Park Christian Reformed
Olivet Reformed (Grandville)
Parish of the Holy Spirit
Parkwood Presbyterian (Jenison)
Plymouth Congregational
Plymouth Heights Christian Ref.
Princeton Christian Reformed
Providence Reformed
Ridgewood Christian Ref. (Jenison)
Rockford Baptist
Rockford Reformed
Roosevelt Park Comm. Christian Ref. (Wyoming)
Rosewood Reformed (Jenison)

Rosewood Ref. Teaching Classrm.
Second Christian Ref. (Byron Ctr.)
Second Congregational
Search Light Ministries (Hud.)
Shawnee Park Christian Ref.
Sherman Street Christian Ref.
South Grandville Christian Ref.
Spring Valley Church (Allendale)
St. Alphonsus
St. Anthony of Pauda
St. Cyril & Methodius Catholic (Wayland)
St. George Orthodox
St. James Catholic
St. Luke's Lutheran
St. Margaret Parish (Otsego)
St. Mark's Episcopal
St. Mary's
St. Mary Church (Lowell)
St. Matthew Lutheran (Cascade)
St. Patrick's Parish Catholic
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Parish
St. Paul's Episcopal (Greenville)
St. Peter and Paul Catholic
St. Sebastian Parish (Byron Center)
St. Thomas the Apostle
Temple Emanuel
Third Reformed

Thornapple Evangelical Covenant
Trinity CRC (Sparta)
Trinity Reformed
Trinity United Ref. (Caledonia)
Twelfth Avenue CRC (Jenison)
Vergennes United Methodist (Lowell)
Walker United Reformed
Wesley Park United Methodist (Wyoming)
West Leonard Christian Reformed
Westend CRC
Westminster Presbyterian
Westview Christian Reformed
Woodlawn CRC
Zion Reformed (Grandville)
Zutphen CRC

Blessed Sacrament School
Calvin College
     -Bunker Interpretive Ctr.
     -Covenant Fine Arts Ctr.
     -Eberhard (Rm 614)
     -Gezon Auditorium
Prince Conference Ctr.
     -Rehearsal Hall
Davenport U., Lettinga Campus
     -Lettinga Auditorium
     -A-B-C meeting room
Dominican Center-Conference Ctr.
Forest Hills Public Schools-Comm. Ctr. and Fine Arts Ctr.
Grand Rapids Christian High School
     -DeVos Ctr. for Arts and Worship
Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC)
     -ATC Auditorium
     -Student Center Classrooms
Grand Valley State University

     -AuSable Hall classrooms
     -Housing Project--five meeting rms.
     -Pew Library Computer Labs
     -Calder Art Center
     -Downtown Campus
     -Eberhard Ctr. 215 Conference Ctr.
     -Kennedy Engineering
     -Kirkhof Ctr./Grand River Rm
     -Loosemore Auditorium
     -Mackinaw Hall - Dean's Conf. Rm.
     -Science Lab Bldg.
     -Seidman Ctr. (20 classrooms)
     -South Commons
     -Zumberge Hall--President's Boardrm. & Conf. Rm.
Greenville High School
      -Performing Arts Ctr.
Hudsonville High School (classroom)
Sparta High School Auditorium
Northview H.S. (Performing Arts Ctr.)
U.I.C.A. (Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts) Auditorium

63rd District Court, G.R.
Aquinas Circle Theatre
Area Agency on Aging of West Michigan, Conference Rm.
Clark Retirement Community (BK/Activity Room)

Cook Valley Estates (Theater Room)
DeVos Ctr. for Arts & Worship
DeVos Place Convention Center
DeVos Performance/Symphony Hall
Frederik Meijer Gardens, Hauenstein & Pfeiffer Room
Friendship Village (Kiva Room)
G. R. City Commission Chambers
Georgetown Township Hall
Gerald R. Ford International
     -both concourses
     -all individual gate areas
     -public lobby
Gerald R. Ford Museum auditorium
Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM)
Grand Rapids Civic Theater
Grand Rapids ENT (orientation room)
Great Lakes (Covenant Village)--Lecture Classroom
Kent County Boardroom
Rockford City Hall/Council Chambers
Spectrum Health Conference Rm.
Van Singel Fine Arts Ctr. (Byron Ctr.)

Village Theater at Cherry Hill (Canton, MI)
YMCA--7 rooms

Allen Springs Lodge (dining rm.)
Alticor Executive Boardroom
Amway Airport Hangar, Conference rm.
Amway Enterprise Auditorium
AVA Hearing Center
Beacon Hill at Eastgate
Bishop Hills Elder Care Community
Covenant Village at Great Lakes - Chapel Hall
Dominican Center-Conference Ctr.
Friendship Village (Kiva Rm.)
Grandville Ear and Hearing
Great Lakes Hearing
Hearing Center
Hearing Resources (G.R. & Byron Ctr.)
Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Knapp Hearing Aids
Marriott Hotel banquet center
McDonald Audiology and Hearing Health Care (3 offices)
Meijer Pharmacy (Cascade)
Meijer Pharmacy #311
Metro Health Village Conf. Ctr.
Metropolitan Hospital
Pilgrim Manor (Grandville)
Porter Hills Village
Rest Haven Homes, Harbor Room
Spectrum Health CI/Hearing Ctr.
Spectrum Health Medical Group Hearing Ctr. (Lake Dr. & the West Pavilion)
Sunset Manor - Chapel (Jenison)
Thousand Oaks Golf Club
Waterford Place, Hudsonville
West Michigan Hearing