Courts and Legal Proceedings

View from back of the empty supreme court
Court room #1, entrance with blue hearing loop signs on each side of the door

U.S. Supreme Court, hearing loop, FM, and infrared systems

photo credit by Phil Roeder – Flickr: Supreme Court of the United States, CC BY 2.0

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Denver, Colorado. Blue hearing loop signs are on each side of the doors.

Although most of us will have only infrequent experiences in our courts, hearing accurately in courtrooms, service counters, and other legal settings is critical to our fully understanding all that transpires in the legal process.  And jury duty, which is both a civic duty and an honor, requires full access for all who are called.  

Possible Assistive Listening System Locations

Infrared systems and, FM/RF systems, and hearing loops can be found:

  • Conference rooms for legal consultation
  • Courtrooms, including jury boxes
  • Jury rooms
  • Visitor and information service desks

Some individuals may request CART (live captions by a certified provider) instead of or in addition to an assistive listening system.