Loop manufacturers and American distributors are listed below—and farther down is a state-by-state listing of local installers. (Canadian visitors may wish to visit www.letsloopcanada.ca. U.K. visitors may wish to visit the Action on Hearing Loss shop.)

Note: hearingloop.org is a nonprofit, informational resource. It has nothing to sell and has no financial interest in any loop product.

Download a guide to purchasing a hearing loop for your facility authored by national loop advocate/educator, Dr. Juliette Sterkens.

Hearing loops should meet the international induction loop standard for strong, even coverage, and the absence of interference (see here and here for the technical standard that any loop installer should verify for you). You should ask potential installers whether they offer engineering expertise to meet this standard and will guarantee that they have done so. This will prevent dissatisfaction with uneven, poor quality installations and will delight users with clear, strong input wherever they sit. For a simple visual synopsis, see this Hearing Loop Checklist.

American companies whose business focus is selling loop products include the following:

· Center for Hearing Loss Help
Vendor self-description: "Home loop kits, commercial loop amplifiers, plus other products to assist hearing." "

· Hearing Loop Products
Vendor self-description: "Manufactures commercial and professional products for large venues and customer-facing applications."

· Hearing Loop Systems
Vendor self-description: "Nationwide loop system design and installation: Churches, airports, classrooms, pharmacies, meeting rooms."

· LoopAmerica
Vendor self-description: "Online source for residential, commercial, and portable hearing loop systems."

· Oval Window Audio
Vendor self-description: "Longtime American manufacturer of commercial and residential induction loop assistive listening products."

· Williams Sound "has many loop products that can suit your project."

The following companies can direct you to recommended installers of their products. For courtesy listings of some firms dedicated to loop installation, see below. See also International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association.)

· Ampetronic, a British company whose products are in use worldwide.

· Audio Directions, a New Jersey-based American manufacturer of loop products, especially for small area situations (e.g., counter/reception areas).

· Bo Edin, a Swedish loop manufacturer of Univox products for home (including a simple chair pad system) and institutions.

· Contacta Inc., experienced American loop manufacturing and design, as part of a leading loop provider worldwide, Contacta Ltd.

· Echo MegaLoop, a British product distributed in the U.S. by HearTech and Phonic Ear. Field home loop amplifiers by HARC.

· inLOOP, an American manufacturer of home and institutional loop systems. idistributed through hearing centers via the internet at American Loops, and installed through a national group of trained installers supported by American Loop Services.

· LoopAmerica, an American manufacturer, which has developed digital loop drivers for both large area and home applications.

· Oval Window Audio, a longtime American manufacturer of a full line of loop equipment. Oval Window products are sold and installed by contractors and dealers across North America.

· Catalogs and stores that sell other assistive listening devices, including phones, personal listening systems, and TV headsets.

Directory of U.S. local and regional firms dedicated to hearing loop installation (under development; additions welcome). To ensure a quality result, ask installers if they understand and will certify that the installation meets IEC standards (see samples). Most firms are willing to work regionally beyond their city. For a more exhaustive but not-vetted list of U.S. loop installers, see here (suggestion: confirm that the installer understands and can guarantee an installation to the IEC standard).

· Alabama: Audio Looping Specialists (Mobile)

· Arizona: Otojoy (Phoenix)

· Arizona: Tech-Unique Technologies (Phoenix)

· California: HearingNowUSA (Dana Point)

· California: Neologic Sound (Northridge)

· California: Otojoy (Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Ventura)

· California: Kenwood Hearing Centers (Santa Rosa)

· California(northern)/Nevada: Copper Loop Assistive Listening Devices (Sacramento)

· Colorado: Assist 2 Hear (Denver-based service to CO)

· Connecticut: Hearing Loop Systems of Connecticut(Bridgeport)

· Florida: Loop Florida (Lakeland)

· Florida: Florida Hearing Loops, LLC (North Miami)

· Florida: Complete Hearing Solutions LLC (St. Petersburg)

· Georgia: Active Life Hearing Loops (Atlanta)

· Georgia: American Hearing Loop (Atlanta)

· Illinois: His Hearing Impaired Solutions, Inc. (Near Champaign-Urbana)

· Illinois: AHS (Assistive Hearing Systems) (Chicago)

· Indiana: Indiana Hearing Loops (Lafayette)

· Iowa: Hearing Access Solutions LLC (Glenwood)

· Louisiana: Southern Star Tech (from Dallas/Fort Worth)

· Maryland: ATS Communications (Silver Spring)

· Maryland: Hagerstown Hearing (Hagerstown)

· Massachusetts: New England Hearing Loop (Lowell)

· Michigan: Roth Sound (Mt. Pleasant)

· Michigan/Illinois: Hearing Loop Systems (Grand Rapids)

· Minnesota: Midwest Hearing Loops (St. Paul)

· Mississippi: Hearing Loops Unlimited (Jackson)

· Missouri: Sense Art Solutions (St. Louis)

· Nebraska: Hearing Access Solutions LLC (Bellevue and Glenwood/west IA, east NB)

· New Jersey: Loop NJ (Fairlawn)

· New Jersey: Elequip (Warren)

· New York: North East Hearing (Long Island)

· New York: Metro Hearing Loop (New York City)

· New York: Acoustic Loop Innovations (NYC, Long Island, and Southern Connecticut)

· New York: Hearing Loops Unlimited (Rochester)

· New York: Upstate Hearing Loops (Hamilton)

· North Carolina: All Ears Hear Here (Asheville)

· North Carolina: AHA Advantage Hearing & Audiology (Greensboro)

· North Carolina: American Hearing Loop (Raleigh)

· Ohio: Brown Audio Service (Akron)

· Ohio: Get Looped (Akron)

· Ohio: Nova Looping (Canton)

· Oklahoma: Assist2hear (Oklahoma City)

· Oklahoma: Halo Induction Looping (Tulsa)

· Oklahoma: HLS (Hearing Loop Specialists) (Tulsa)

· Oklahoma: Southern Star Tech (from Dallas/Fort Worth)

· Oregon: Hearing Support Solutions (Eugene)

· Pennsylvania: Induction Loop Installations (Avondale)

· Pennsylvania: East Coast Hearing Loops (Jamison)

· Pennsylvania: Elequip (Warren, NJ)

· South Carolina: American Hearing Loop (Greenville)

· Tennessee: Hearing Technologies (Nashville)

· Texas: Assist2Hear(Dallas)

· Texas: Hearing Technologies (Dallas)

· Texas: 32 Degree Audio (Dallas/Fort Worth)

· Texas: Southern Star Technology (Dallas/Fort Worth)

· Texas: HearComm (Houston)

· Texas: DDS AV (San Antonio and elsewhere)

· Virginia: Duartek, Inc. (Fairfax)

· Virginia: Hearing Technologies, LLC (Virginia Beach)

· Washington: HearingLoop NW (Tacoma/Seattle)

· Washington, D.C.: Duartek, Inc. (Fairfax)

· Wisconsin: Audio Architects (Chippewa Falls)

· Wisconsin: Consulting With Clarity (Colby)

· Wisconsin: DRS Sound, Inc. (Kiel)

· Wisconsin: Commercial AV Systems (Onalaska)

· Wisconsin: Loop Wisconsin (Oshkosh)

· Wisconsin: My Hearing Loop (Platteville)

· Wisconsin: Wisconsin Hearing Loops (Portage)

hearingloop.org cannot identify all A-V firms that do loop installations, nor can it evaluate whether any firm is trained to do and verify installations that meet the accepted international standard for strength and evenness of coverage. This courtesy listing identifies local companies whose business focus is the design and installation of hearing loops, and which offer a supporting website. We also suggest asking the equipment vendors for contact information for their loop installers in these and other local areas.