Loop equipment providers

Loop manufacturers and American distributors are listed below. See also a state-by-state listing of local installers. (Canadian visitors may wish to visit www.letsloopcanada.ca. U.K. visitors may wish to visit the Action on Hearing Loss shop.)

Note: hearingloop.org is a nonprofit, informational resource. It has nothing to sell and has no financial interest in any loop product.

Download a guide to purchasing a hearing loop for your facility authored by national loop advocate/educator, Dr. Juliette Sterkens.

Hearing loops should meet the international induction loop standard for strong, even coverage, and the absence of interference (see here and here for the technical standard that any loop installer should verify for you). You should ask potential installers whether they offer engineering expertise to meet this standard and will guarantee that they have done so. This will prevent dissatisfaction with uneven, poor quality installations and will delight users with clear, strong input wherever they sit.

American companies whose business focus includes selling loop products include the following:

The following companies can direct you to recommended installers of their products. For courtesy listings of some firms dedicated to loop installation, see below. See also International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association.)